About us

The atmosphere of an old tenement house

Drugie Dno is a gastropub located in an almost one hundred years old tenement house, at Nowogrodzka Street 4 in Warsaw centre. It was previously the location of a bar, a soap store, a furriery workshop, a greengrocer’s store and a restaurant. The building survived the war, numerous fires, and looters, and now it comes back to its old grandness thanks to the ongoing renovation. When designing our pub, we’ve tried to keep the old character of the interiors. Bare bricks, dimmed lights, raw details combined with modern calligraffiti, and a backlit cooler in the basement, all create a unique atmosphere.

Discover Drugie Dno

The glass cooler is just one of the surprises awaiting our guests

Three chamber rooms plus a mezzanine

There are three rooms available for our guests – each with a separate sound system and comfortable chairs – plus a mezzanine which includes armchairs. The first room with a view on the street, located at the ground floor, features a bar at which orders are taken, while an open kitchen is located in the second room, where one can look at the chefs as they work.

The third room, located at the basement level, has a more chamber character. It includes access to additional taps in the cooler, which allows to organize meetings with an individually selected beer. Three unique toilet rooms, imitating old elevators, are also located at this level.

It’s not only craft beer

From our 6 taps, experienced bartenders pour craft beers from the best Polish and foreign breweries. The offer is complemented by: strong spirits, cocktail classics and seasonal mixes in the author’s rendition. Cooks serve hot meat and vegetarian dishes, perfectly matched with a wide assortment of spirits. Drugie Dno can also host corporate events, birthdays, bachelor parties and other closed gatherings.

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