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Our kitchen stands out inter alia with:

● An own, unique style, defined by three rules: fresh, tasty, unique
● We use meat delivered only by proven breeders which is later prepared by sous-vide method which preserves natural taste and flavour

● Our recipes are executed basing on fresh and ecological products – no frozen stuff!
● We make all of the sauces at our kitchen: homemade mayonnaise, beer mustard, smoked prune BBQ
● We often use beer in our recipes – not only for sauces, but also for meats and snacks


27 PLN Roasted duck crostini

Duck confit, 4x toasts, caramelized red onion with pomegranate fruit

16/26/45 PLN Crispy chicken wings (6/12/24 pcs)

BBQ, ranch, seasonal vegetables

169 PLN Large party board

12x mini quesadilla (6x cheese, 6x beef),250g of pickled vegetables, 200g of duck confit, 12x chicken wings, 300g of bacon confit, 4x potato skewer, grilled halloumi cheese, nachos, BBQ sauce, ranch

22/27 PLN Nachos classic/beef with porter

Nachos, guacamole, broad bean with homemade mayonnaise, tomato salsa

99 PLN Small party board

6x mini quesadilla (3x cheese, 3x beef), 100g of pickled vegetable, 100g of duck confit, 6x chicken wings, 150g of bacon confit, 2x potato skewer, nachos, BBQ sauce, ranch


26 PLN Drugie Dno Burger

200 g of beef, vegetables, mixed cheeses

28 PLN Homemade Porter Burger

Pulled beef cooked in Porter beer, seasonal vegetables

30 PLN Mango Burger

200g of beef, vegetables, pickled tomato, lettuce, coriander, chili, mango sauce

28 PLN Vege Burger

Grilled halloumi cheese, chicory, orange, frieza lettuce, nutty praline

30 PLN BBQ Burger

200g of beef, vegetables, onion rings, grilled bacon, cheese mix, bbq sauce


20 PLN Quesadillas with cheese

Grilled wheat tortillas, cheese, vegetable salsa

24 PLN Bao with herring

Bao bun, marinated herring, pickled shallot, linseed, panko

30 PLN Halloumi salad

Grilled halloumi cheese, oranges, marinated beetroot, pumpkin seeds, mixed greens, mango vinaigrette

14 PLN Homemade brownie

Chocolate cake, nuts, fruit sorbet

20 PLN Bao with vegetables

Bao bun, pickled vegetables, caramelized red onion, salad mix, balsamic sauce

29 PLN Spicy Herring

Herring in a spicy marinade, pickled shallot, linseed, panko, baked potato

38 PLN Mango Shrimps

Fried tiger prawns, mango salsa, coriander, pistachios, pomegranate fruit, bread roll


25 ZŁ Bao with bacon

Bao bun, confit bacon, horseradish sauce, pickled apple, salad mix

29 PLN Bao with beef

Bao bun, pulled beef, pickled cucumber, mustard leaves, French mayonnaise

28 PLN Duck salad

Duck confit, caramelized red onion with pomegranate fruit, arugula, frieza lettuce, coriander oil

28 PLN Bao with duck

Bao bun, confit duck, caramelized red onion with pomegranate fruit, frieza lettuce, arugula, balsamic sauce

27 PLN Quesadillas with porter beef

Grilled wheat tortillas, beef cooked in porter beer, cheese, salsa sauce

35 PLN Slow-roasted bacon with horseradish

Confit bacon, horseradish, pickled apple, baked potato

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